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At Smart and Bright, we pair you with a College Application Mentor. 

These are current college students at the best campuses around the globe. They will walk you through every step of the college-application process. 

The schools they come from include: Harvard, Princeton, Dartmouth, Emory, NYU, USC, Berkeley, and more! 

They also include: Bill Gates Scholars, Jack Kent Cooke Scholars, Questbridge Scholars, Researchers, Internship Recipients, and more!

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 ask any question

Find out what it's really like to attend a Top School and how we make the most of our experiences. 

Learn what we study, what we do for fun, even what we eat!

One On One Service

Every session will give you one-on-one access to our mentors. 

With flexible scheduling, you will get private sessions whenever you are available. 

Get advice on essays and recs

We walk you through every single step, from picking the right school to nailing college interviews.

Pick new essay ideas and find great recommendations. 

Scholarship Advice

Get insight to some of the best scholarships and financial aid out there!

Get ideas on how to make money before ever setting foot on campus.  


“Brandon was super fun to talk to. He answered all of my questions about the college application process and gave me great insight on what colleges to apply to!”

— Anagloria, CA

USC Admit


“After a couple of sessions, I feel completely prepared. It should be highly recommended. ”

— Jason, TX

Rice Applicant 

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