About Smart and Bright

Learn Where It All Started


Smart and Bright was founded by a group of friends at great schools who wanted to help high-schoolers get into the colleges of their dreams. Our goal is to help others understand the application process a little bit better. 

We connect you with CURRENT COLLEGE STUDENTS at top universities. This is especially important to us - no grad students or college counselors. 

You will hear real experiences - what it is like to be on campus, what we do for fun, and how we have been so successful - along with all the tips that we used to get in!

We have spent years gathering the best tools and resources to help guide a student through every part of the application process. We have made connections with students all over the world and are happy to say that the college application process can be tackled by anybody!

And we want to talk to you next! Together with our mentors, you will get advice on how to stand out in a pile and make your application perfect. You will learn how to pick schools that fit you, what it's like to attend a top school, how to handle yourself in an interview, even understand how to create an outstanding college resume!

Plus, we are excited to offer A FREE MEETING for you to briefly talk with one of us and see if we are a good fit for you - just click below!

We look forward to meeting you.