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The Fast and The Furriest

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

I showed up nearly 30 minutes late and covered in dog hair for my interview to Harvard.

If you are ever worried about messing up or doing something wrong, just know that your college interview can go well - it is not just a game of luck.

Let me explain:

On the day of my interview, I was excited, motivated, ready to impress a Harvard alum (as you usually do interviews with alumni from the University). Everything seemed to be going well until –

My dog takes off out the front door and down the street. Fine. This might not be a big deal.

Here’s the catch: He is a 150-pound English Mastiff that we call “Big”.

Oh yea, Big is off to the races and guess whose job it is to wrangle him up and get him back into the house? Mine.

So that’s what I do. I gather up Big, carry him into the house, and set him down. I’m already late, but covered in dog hair. I do the best I can cleaning myself off and rushing out the door.

Finally, I get to the coffee shop where my interview is going to take place. And here he is – my interviewer. He doesn’t look happy. In fact, he looks ready to rip into my soul.

But I stay cool, calm, and collected. I explain myself and my situation, grab a bottle of water, and proceed with the interview. Over the course of the next hour, we have an amazing conversation. As it turns out, my interviewer was one of the most interesting people I have ever met. We hit it off and continue to keep in touch to this day.

The big takeaway here is to just stay calm and remember your interviewer is a human being too.

No matter how nervous or how bad you are feeling, you can do well in your college interviews. Just breathe and be yourself and practice so that you can answer some of the common questions (or practice with us – so we can give you some advice).

Also, know that the more you share, the more they’ll care. Talk about your life, your world views, and your expectations. Make sure the interviewer knows as much as they can about you – because they’ve never met you before!

Finally, showing up late because of a mischievous oversized dog is not the end of the world.